Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

What's your passion?

Whats your passion?

Most of us have read a lot of articles on finding your passion. Many have taken tests and personality questionnaires in the search of their passion. I believe that its very important for each and every individual to find their passion, it's what fuels us with joy, peace, comfort, power, excitement and every positive things that comes with it.

My passion for cars started since childhood when my father sat me on his lap and went for a drive around the block and since then i have always been fascinated by cars. Over the years my interests grew as i learned more and more about the automotive industry and took racing classes to fulfill my passion and dream. Soon enough being behind the wheel is the only place and moment where i can feel one with myself, its my little metal shell, a place to think, time to soothe the mind and soul, a place where there are no distraction from the world.

The feeling of being one with a machine and feeling the engine as if its your heart beating, feeling the wheels rolling as if its your feet running, the steering wheel that you can direct to where ever you want to go excites me.  Many have perceived that my passion is related to fast driving and chasing adrenalines, little do they know its not always about driving fast, but its about escaping into my own zone. It's about being yourself and being connected in what you do and having pure bliss. It's about being in your own world, being creative and focused, excited yet calm. Its about being yourself, enjoying every hour , minute and second.

If you know yout passion, take some time to fulfill it, manage yourself and everything around you. Take some time to think and explore what your passion is. Make your passion your dreams and make it a goal in life, make it something you cant live without.

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